Trends That Will Affect Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field, which can make it difficult for digital marketers to keep up with the latest trends. But as a business, you have to stay on top of these digital marketing trends in order to be successful. Here are some digital marketing predictions that will affect your strategy in 2021 and beyond:

1. The Rise of Voice Search and Digital Assistants

According to the digital marketing research company, Custora, more than 23% of people are already using digital voice search on their smartphones every month. Even though digital assistants aren’t driving business outcomes just yet, they have tremendous potential because they allow you to target customers based on what they’re interested in and what questions they ask.

Going forward, you’ll need to consider how these digital assistants overlap with your existing digital marketing channels like PPC advertising and social media marketing campaigns.

2. Increasingly Sophisticated Chatbots

Chatbots are digital marketing channels that are still in the nascent stages of development. But there’s tremendous potential because companies are beginning to use chatbots not only for digital customer service but also as a way to deliver content and products.

3. Businesses Integrating Chatbots into Their Digital Marketing Strategy

Gartner predicts that 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020. This means that every digital marketing company has to start thinking about how they integrate these digital assistant technologies with their existing digital marketing strategies.

Today, a digital marketing company can use social media to engage customers online through Facebook Messenger or other apps for digital customer service. However, digital marketing trends will increasingly include digital assistant technology, so companies need to start thinking about how they integrate these digital assistants with their existing digital marketing strategies.

4. The Rise of SmartTVs as a Digital Marketing Channel

Technavio, a market research company, predicts that smart TVs will see an increase in sales as people shift away from traditional TV viewing. Consumers are already using smart TVs for things like streaming video and digital music streaming, so there’s tremendous potential for businesses to use this platform to send messages and interact with consumers.

5. The Increasing Importance of Digital Ads

Digital marketers are already using Facebook and Instagram ads to advertise digital products because they have great potential due to the vast amount of information that these platforms collect about users. For example, you can run an ad on a Facebook page for your business and target any customers within a 1-mile radius who like your competitor’s Facebook page. Going forward, digital marketing firms will increasingly turn towards social media and digital advertising in order to meet their objectives.

6. The Rise of Influencer Marketing

According to AdWeek, many companies are turning towards YouTube stars instead of traditional celebrities when it comes time to promote a new product or service. This is because various digital marketing trends like digital assistants and digital advertising make it easier for people to get access to digital products even without digital influencers. That said, digital marketers can still advertise their products through social media platforms like Instagram because these platforms aren’t changing much as digital technologies keep improving.

7. The Use of Virtual Reality for Digital Marketing Strategies

Virtual reality is a digital marketing trend that could affect digital marketing services future. According to MediaPost, virtual reality isn’t just for gaming anymore because digital marketers are starting to use it as an alternative digital advertising strategy. For example, when a digital marketing company wants to advertise a new car model, they might want customers to see how it looks inside and out instead of showing flat pictures or videos on social media channels. Ford is already using virtual reality technology to show consumers what its cars look like.

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