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I love the WordPress Community because there is something for everyone when one is a part of it.  Sometimes I attend a WordPress MeetUp to connect with others. Other times I just hop online to see what’s new. At different times of the year, I attend WordCamps. Last week was no exception as I headed to Nashville, TN, to attend WordCamp US 2018 – full of all the wonderful people of the WordPress Community. I miss them already!

WordPress in a Nutshell

WordPress is the software platform we at Fisher Green Creative use to build websites. Not only do we use it but WordPress powers 32% of the entire internet.

WordPress Logo

WordPress is “Open Source”, meaning the software can be modified and shared because its code is freely available to the public. As you’ll see on the homepage, “Wordpress is both free and priceless at the same time.” WordPress contributors work around the globe,  dedicating countless hours to build a tool that is available to virtually everyone. This democratization of the software guides the entire spirit of the WordPress community that has formed around it.

WordPress has taken this democratization one step further this past week by introducing their new editing system called Gutenberg. They hope this will make the publishing process easier for the non-tech oriented folks. The goal is to make the software more inclusive and to enable one to build a website without touching a line of code.  Remember how I said the WordPress Community has something for everyone?!

WordCamp Explained

A WordCamp is essentially a WordPress conference. Techie and not-so-techie folks from near and far come together for a weekend to learn more about the news and trends related to WordPress. The days are centered around 45-minute courses delivered by experts in the field of website design and development. In addition to the courses, there are also plenty of opportunities for networking and learning about new and improved products for WordPress.

Attend a WordPress MeetUp

My very first experience with WordPress came at a local MeetUp years ago.  I was in a room with ten guys and maybe two other women. I knew nothing. I knew less than nothing and I had questions. It was a bit intimidating.

As the MeetUp progressed, I found myself in the midst of some of the most non-judgmental folks I have ever known. There were no stupid questions. Best of all, there was no “guys’ club”. Even though most developers are men and most of the people in the room were men, I realized my intimidation was all in my head. I was a regular attendee at the monthly MeetUps for three years and eventually volunteered at the very first WordCamp Maine. I have plans to attend another MeetUp this month and can count on seeing some of the same people I saw that first meeting. Amazing!  

Facebook Groups for the WordPress Community

As is common with most things, there’s a Facebook group for that. Quite an extensive online community formed around a specific WordPress theme called ‘Divi’. Again, in the spirit of WordPress, many make themselves available to answer questions for others who were trying to learn. 

After some time, the more active participants in the group decided to attend WordCamp, Orange County.  Many “IRL” connections were formed, both personal and business-related. Those relationships have grown stronger as time has worn on and others have been added to the posse, including me. (Check out our photo above.) 

Join the WordPress Community

Again, regardless of geographic location, political affiliation, and everything in between, everyone comes together to be better. Drinks have been shared, texts have been exchanged, and collaborations have been undertaken.

Whether you build a WordPress site yourself or contact us to do it for you, you can’t go wrong with the WordPress Community.  Either way, you’ll be in great hands!

~Kathy Fisher, Co-Owner @ Fisher Green Creative,

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