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During a recent security scan, I noticed that client’s site had been infiltrated with malware. After cleanup, I let her know that I would be changing her website password. I sent her a new password. Her new password was a random selection of fifteen characters.

An hour or two later, I got a response:

“Really? Is that necessary?”
“Yes,” I replied. “Absolutely.”

The first and easiest barrier to hacks is strong, random passwords. Your passwords are the lock on the front door of your house, the key to the vault where your money and identity reside, and they should never be easy to guess or decipher.

Internet bots, thousands upon thousands of them, are set up specifically to try and infiltrate your site by deciphering your username and password. I see sites that are attacked randomly hundreds of times each month (and thwarted by our security software.) It doesn’t matter if your website is an e-commerce store that rivals Amazon or a one-page personal blog about your cat. Every site is vulnerable, and every site can be targeted.

Strong Password Generators

Say goodbye to the days when you used your pet’s name and birthday as your password, and say hello to strong password generators. These are online websites that can be trusted to choose a truly random password for you. Most have “recipes” if specific criteria need to be met for the password you need.

Here is one I use frequently:
Strong Password Generator,

strong password generator homepage

As you’ll notice, you’re met immediately with a “password recipe,” and if you scroll down, you’ll see basic criteria to help you create a strong and random password.

You may be wondering, “So, if I have to have a different password for each account, how will I remember them all?” Read on to discover efficient ways to manage your list.

Online Password Managers

Listed here are the most trusted online password managers and links to where you can find them:

All three programs have free and premium versions, and the premium versions are quite affordable. My favorite is 1 Password. All I have to do is remember one password to access them all, and it has a built-in password generator. Check them out and see which works best for you!

Final story…last winter, I was sitting down to lunch with a friend, and although it was the first time either of us had ever been to that particular restaurant, he logged right into the wi-fi without ever asking for the password. I asked him how he knew their password. He replied, “I just used the restaurant’s name and added 123 to the end.” 

There are smart people out there. Do your best to stay one step ahead. Need a hand with a security strategy for your business? Contact us today to learn how the experts at Fisher Green Creative can help.


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