Sowing Seeds: How Digital Marketing and Gardening Share Similar Roots

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As we enter the beautiful spring season, we’ve been reflecting on how content strategy is similar to gardening. Just as a gardener carefully plans and consistently tends to their plants, a business can tend to its digital presence through regular updates, engaging with customers, and adapting to changes in the market. This approach can lead to a healthy and thriving digital marketing presence.

Digital Marketing & Gardening

In the same way that gardeners must consider factors like soil type, sunlight, and watering schedules when planting and nurturing their crops, small businesses must consider a range of factors when crafting their content. These factors include target audience, message, tone, and platform. By carefully considering these elements, a business can create content that resonates with their audience and achieves their goals. 

Just as gardeners must prune, weed, and fertilize their plants to ensure their growth and health, small businesses must regularly review and update their content to keep it relevant and impactful. This involves monitoring analytics, conducting user research, and optimizing content for search engines. By doing so, a business can ensure their content remains fresh and effective. These efforts produce a bountiful harvest of high-quality content that engages and informs.

However, just as unpredictable weather conditions can impact a garden, unforeseen circumstances can also affect content strategy. For example, changes in the market or industry may require a pivot in content strategy. A skilled content strategist must be flexible and adaptable, able to adjust their approach as needed to ensure continued success. 


In conclusion, content strategy is indeed a lot like gardening. Producing a flourishing outcome requires careful planning, cultivation, and maintenance. At Fisher Green Creative, we are dedicated to helping our clients develop and implement effective content strategies that achieve their goals. Need a hand with digital marketing? Contact us today to learn how the full-service digital marketing experts at Fisher Green Creative can help your small business thrive.

Jenny Green, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-owner of Fisher Green Creative

Jenny Green, Co-Owner of Fisher Green Creative, specializes in digital strategy development, social media marketing, and SEO for small businesses.  Away from helping clients or studying the latest marketing trends, Jenny volunteers her time coaching youth soccer, enjoys a cold craft IPA, and works to save the elephants.  Connect with Jenny on LinkedIn  or email.

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