Boardroom Insight: How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

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In a recent interview with Boardroom Insight, Jenny Green, CMO of Fisher Green Creative, shared some excellent advice for small businesses seeking to hire a digital marketing agency. She emphasized the importance of providing a positive client experience, which involves answering marketing questions and keeping clients informed on marketing initiatives. By doing so, small business owners can feel more confident in their investment.

Jenny also recommended that small businesses seek agencies that provide regular reports and take accountability for their work without requiring long-term contracts. To avoid being stuck with an underperforming agency, she suggested asking for clear explanations on how conversions will be measured and what kind of results can be expected.

To maintain consistency in marketing, Jenny advised that small businesses create internal brand guidelines to ensure that their brand is accurately represented and trusted by consumers. By having established guidelines, marketing teams can save time, energy, and money while ensuring that the brand remains consistent across all channels, regardless of who is working on the content.

Jenny’s insights provide valuable advice for small businesses looking to hire a marketing agency. With a focus on providing a good client experience, accountability, and brand consistency, it’s no surprise that Fisher Green Creative has become a successful full-service digital marketing agency. Congratulations to Jenny for sharing her expertise, and thank you for the helpful tips!


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