COVID-19  Statement

11.5.21 Update

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been navigating a pandemic for almost two years. We hope that you have stayed healthy and safe during this time. We know that many businesses have faced hardships and we recognize the impact that being socially distant has had on friends, families, and colleagues.

We’re still here with you!

As we continue to wait for more members of our community – particularly small children – to be eligible for the vaccine, we will continue to do most business remotely and virtually for the foreseeable future. Zoom has essentially become our third employee!  

We’re pleased to share that we’re both fully vaccinated and working towards ensuring our families are vaccinated as they become eligible. We’re forever grateful for science and continue to prioritize Covid-19 safety measures for just a bit longer. When and if we do gather in person, we do prefer outdoor venues and mask wearing.

As always, we’re just an email, phone call, or Zoom meeting away.  Reach out any time. 

Jenny Green & Kathy Fisher
Co-Owners @ Fisher Green Creative, LLC