Coaching & Consultation

Helping small businesses and their teams navigate online marketing. 

We provide all levels of assistance with your marketing challenges. Whether its consulting on a strategic marketing plan or teaching you how to do it yourself, we can help. 

A Client-Centered Approach

With our consulting and training services, we help you make practical decisions, find ways to help you reach your goals, provide accountability so you can stay on target, and empower you with the latest tools and knowledge to feel confident in your efforts.

We consult and provide training for any of the services we offer.

Learn more about our services. 

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Comprehensive and Affordable

We typically bill clients for consulting and training by the hour but will provide a project quote for anything over 3 hours. Our hourly rate is $85 with discounts provided to non-profits.

The Benefits of Consulting and Training Services

It’s not easy running a small business, particularly when you have a small team and you’re working with a tight budget. 

Each part of your business requires different experience, strategies, and applications — and it’s always changing, especially when it comes to marketing. 

With our consulting services, we’re able to help make life easier. 

• Affordable solution
• Saves time
• Builds confidence
• No long-term commitment
• Access the latest marketing strategies
• Moral support
• Customized solutions
• Collaboration

& more!