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Running out of blog post ideas is a frustrating experience. Almost all blog writers may have faced this issue. If the time has come for you, no worries! It’s a normal phase that you can always overcome.

There are many ways to help you revive your creativity. From looking at the current trends to repurposing old content, here are the six ways you can try to find blog post ideas to enhance your digital marketing strategy.

#1. Read Other Blogs

If you get stuck in choosing a topic, spend some time reading other blogs. You can go to your competitors and list interesting topics you haven’t covered on your blog. But be careful in creating your title to avoid plagiarism.

You can take inspiration from other blogs but add new ideas to your writing to maintain originality. Add more resources, images, videos, or information to enrich your writing.

#2. Repurpose Old Content

If you’re running out of content ideas, one of the simplest ways is to repurpose old content. You may have some blog posts or YouTube videos that drive a good number of viewers. Stick to those topics and repurpose your content.

You can add new information or restructure the post. But the best advice is to combine both. So your blog post will look fresh, although it’s repurposed content. Many blog writers also do this strategy to maintain content flow.

Besides, repurposing old content is also a way to maintain your keyword performance. Choose old content that shows good results, such as traffic and engagement. If you repurpose those content, you have a higher chance to rank high on search engine result pages.

#3. Take a Break

What if you’ve tried the above options but still haven’t found any blog ideas? If this happens, the only answer left is to take a break. The continuous routine may affect your creative side, so giving yourself a break is necessary.

Take some days off or plan for a short trip. You can go cycling in your nearby parks or beach or hang out with friends. Stay away from your laptop and rest your mind completely. If you suddenly get an idea, list it on your phone.

You can simply list ideas or give detailed explanations about what to write. Sometimes, inspiration comes when you’re in the most relaxed condition. So, never underestimate taking breaks after long routines.

#4. Look at Current Trends

A way to keep your idea flowing is to follow the trends. You can read online news and magazines to look at recent topics. For example, today, people love to talk about self-love, which you can broaden and specify into subtopics.

Another way is to check Google Trends to look for popular trends. Google Trends is a free and easy tool that allows you to look for specific keywords within a period of time. So you can see what people are searching on Google.

If you want a more comprehensive tool, consider trying Ahrefs, SEMrush, and BuzzSumo. They have keyword and SEO features to help you decide on ideas and optimize your blog post. However, you need to subscribe to their paid plans.

#5. Ask Readers

You can also ask readers what topics or issues they want to read. Do a little virtual Q&A on social media to engage with your loyal readers. You can ask them to give ideas, suggestions, or recommendations for your upcoming blog posts.

Leverage social media features. For instance, you can use Instagram stories to host a written Q&A session with your followers. You will gain many insights into what to write from their answers. Sort the recommendations and make a list for future content ideas.

Alternatively, if you’ve done your market research and analysis, you’ll already know your customers pain points and can tailor content to those needs. For example, if you’re targeting business owners in the electrical field, you can develop an electrician salary guide to attract those who need to hire and retain top talent.

#6. Surf Online Platforms

Surfing online platforms can be a great alternative to refresh your creativity and look for content ideas. You can go on YouTube or Twitter and find trending topics on the platforms. If your blog is niche-specific, joining Facebook or LinkedIn groups can also be an option. Additionally, you can consider using an affordable VPN to help you access content from different regions and get new ideas.

Another way is to go to online platforms like Quora and Reddit. Many people go there to ask questions, and you can find many interesting topics. Use your creativity to find inspirations from those platforms and list some ideas.

You can also be the one who asks. For example, you can ask what marketing trends will arise this year or what video trends will be a hit next year. Additionally, you can ask experienced people to answer your queries.


Running a blog for your business and maintaining content flow is always challenging. Creativity becomes essential to provide interesting and up-to-date blog posts. So, the above points can help you overcome the idea slump moment.

Moreover, the advent of technology can also help you look for content ideas. Consider using ChatGPT or AI-driven content tools to brainstorm ideas. You can save countless hours choosing ideas and deciding blog topics.

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