7 Benefits Of Blogging For Your Business

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Digital marketing is vital to the survival and growth of any business. However, it can be expensive. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is an effective way to drive traffic to your business’s website, but it’s only ideal for the short term. Thankfully, there’s another excellent way to drive website traffic that won’t cost your business an arm and a leg — blogging.

Blogging allows businesses to establish credibility and offer customers more value while also boosting brand exposure. A blog is a great way for new businesses to spread brand awareness, giving them visibility in search engine results. For businesses, blogging isn’t just a supplement to a marketing strategy, it’s a vital tool for long-term success.

#1 – Blogging builds trust

Blogging is an excellent way of earning your audience’s trust. The key is to create content that is of high quality and substance. Your articles must either answer the questions your audience may have or be of interest to them. 

Select blog topics of value and relevance such as tips on how to use products, how-to’s, product suggestions, and industry news. If your website’s blog is filled with well-researched and well-written content that delivers trustworthy information, your audience will recognize your expertise.

Furthermore, your blog posts must exude expertise, authoritativeness, and trust (E.A.T.) in order to be considered valuable and deserving to be on the first page of search engine results. Make sure you have a skilled content creation team that is well-equipped with paraphrasing tools for bloggers, grammar checkers, and word processing software. 

#2 – Blogging boosts brand visibility

If your content is written following the E.AT. standard, you can expect a boost to your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking and brand exposure. The E.A.T. standard is a criteria used by search engines like Google to determine which web pages should be displayed on the first page of search results. When done right, blogging can help ensure your brand is among the first sites users will see once they enter a relevant keyword in the search box.

Moreover, supporting your content creation strategy with keyword research will allow you to further maximize the performance of each article you publish. Having the right keywords in your blog posts will further ensure that your content shows up in search results, boosing your brand’s visibility.

#3 – Blogging generates demand

You can’t expect your business’s sales numbers to grow if there isn’t interest in your products and services. Aside from pushing advertisements, you can also present your products by publishing blogs. The benefit of using blogs for product presentation is you can go in-depth regarding detail consider it’s in text format. 

Your blog posts should discuss in detail what your product is, its features, and what makes it different from what the competition offers. Talk about how the product works and what problems it’s capable of solving.

#4 – Blogging pushes lead conversion

From generating demand to converting leads, blogging is a perfect tool. First, write about your products to make your audience aware of your offerings. Second, publish valuable content that feature your products solving problems your audience may have. Lastly, put up articles that contain testimonials from other customers. These will help push customers in the decision stage to purchase your product.

#5 – Blogging builds a network

Blogging can also help your business build a network if you collaborate with social media influencers. Look for influencers that your customer base trusts and follows. You can set an arrangement wherein you send them products in exchange of a blog post. The influencers would publish an article reviewing your product and business. 

As a business, this arrangement is beneficial to you. Your business and young and still needs exposure; exposure that influencers already have. When a social media influencer blogs about your product and business, you are given access to that influencer’s audience, which could be hundreds of thousands to millions of people.

An influencer’s social media page can also be a source of earned media as your arrangement with them may include sharing blog posts published directly on your brand’s website.

#6 – Blogging collects feedback 

Blogs won’t be your primary source of feedback, but it can still contribute decently. Leaving comments on blogs is convenient as they are easily accessible. Website visitors may not leave reviews on the quality of your products, but they are likely to share their thoughts about your brand. Their thoughts would still be fresh in their minds as they have just finished reading the article you published. 

#7 – Blogging builds email lists

Blogging can contribute to building your email list. Make sure that everytime someone clicks on a blog post, they are asked to provide their email address to subscribe to your newsletter. Your audience will be glad to do so if they have found your content to be well-made, valuable, and trustworthy. You can then use these emails to further promote your blog, keeping your subscribers updated about new content. 


Consider blogging as a cheap yet effective marketing method. It takes more effort on your part, but it’s worth it in the long run. For a business, the benefits brought by blogging are too good to pass up. You increase awareness of your brand while also building credibility. If you own a business and have been considering creating a blog, go ahead and start now.

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