5 Essentials of Quality SEO Services for Small Businesses

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93% of all online interactions begin with a search engine. Additionally, 75% of local customers searching for your products or services never scroll past the first search result page. Search engine optimization remains one of the most prolific ways to increase visibility, rank higher, and drive traffic to your website and landing pages. You can then convert the quality leads to sales, boosting your revenues.

55% of businesses now engage an SEO company to help them improve their organic search rankings. With SEO involving many cogs that need to move harmoniously to yield results, it can be confusing to include in your SEO services package.

Here are five critical aspects that you should look at when picking out an SEO company for your small business.

1. A Thorough SEO Audit

You may require an in-depth analysis of your current strategy and how well your website and its content relate to acceptable practices for higher ranking. The SEO company should scrub through your on-page and off-page elements and make recommendations on areas that require improvement. A thorough SEO audit of your current website architecture may help you find value in the SEO package you are paying for.

2. Proper Keyword Research

With almost all online interaction starting with a simple search, keywords play a critical role in defining the searcher’s intent. The SEO company can assist you in determining vital words or phrases that your target audience may use while searching for your products or services. Carrying out proactive keyword research can help optimize your content, meta descriptions, and title tags, improving your organic search ranking.

Optimizing your link profile is one most effective off-page techniques to optimize your SEO rankings. Quality inbound and outbound links are critical to building your domain authority, setting you apart as an expert in your field. Inquire about the methods through which the SEO company will use to optimize your link profile.

You may need to be wary of digital marketing companies that promise a set number of links without explaining their relevance, reputability, or risk. Black SEO tricks such as link spamming may hurt your ranking, or worse, have your website penalized and blacklisted by search engines.

4. Content Optimization

Your web designers may create an amazing website with lots of multimedia dazzle. However, the keyword research, analytics, or link-building efforts that go into the web pages may be useless if the content quality on your site is subpar. The SEO company in Maine ought to provide strategies on how they can optimize the content already in your pages. Additionally, the digital marketing firm should also craft creative and informative pieces optimized with keywords that your target audience can resonate with.

5. Streamlined Metrics and Analytics

A customized SEO package may need to have ways to track its performance. The SEO company may need to provide a direction on how they track and monitor their KPIs. The metrics should cover visibility, traffic, conversions, and ROI.

Search engine optimization plays a critical role in increasing your small business’s brand visibility, web traffic, and conversions. Understanding the fundamentals behind quality SEO services can help you pick out the right digital marketing company for the job. If you are searching for an SEO company in Maine to help scale up your business, contact Fisher Green Creative.

Jenny Green, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-owner of Fisher Green Creative

Jenny Green, Co-Owner of Fisher Green Creative, specializes in digital strategy development, social media marketing, and SEO for small businesses.  Away from helping clients or studying the latest marketing trends, Jenny volunteers her time coaching youth soccer, enjoys a cold craft IPA, and works to save the elephants.  Connect with Jenny on LinkedIn  or email.

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