Top 10 Reasons for Prioritizing Social Media for Your Small Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Most small business owners admit they should prioritize social media marketing. The biggest reason for not doing so: time. There are so many other things that absolutely must come first. Many people barely cross off their normal day-to-day tasks, so social media marketing understandably falls to the wayside. To make matters worse, social media marketing … Read moreTop 10 Reasons for Prioritizing Social Media for Your Small Business

Which Social Media Sites Are Right For You?

Which social media profiles are right for you?

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s hard to know which social media sites are right for you sometimes. There are so many options and things change so quickly. One minute it’s Facebook, the next minute it’s Instagram. And, it’s not even the challenge of new, trendy platforms popping up – it’s the way they work, too. Just when you’ve figured out … Read moreWhich Social Media Sites Are Right For You?

Social Media Security

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week’s headline is yet another social media security alert. If you’re like me, you’re groaning in agony at the thought of looking up those passwords to begin with, much less changing them and remembering them for future use. However, instead of shoving those changes to the bottom of your to-do list, seize the moment … Read moreSocial Media Security

Emojis and Coincidences

A grid of emojis

Reading Time: 3 minutes Coincidences?  Emojis?  Some things are just meant to be.  The way that Fisher Green Creative formed might just be all the proof you need to agree!   By now you may have heard how Kathy and I met. In a nutshell, I ran the social media marketing firm, Three Green Pages. Kathy’s company, Sunflower Web Design, was … Read moreEmojis and Coincidences