12 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips

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Holiday marketing can sneak up on you when you are a small business owner.  The day to day running of a business is already hectic enough without adding holiday promotions into the mix.  Don’t fret!  Here are 12 last minute holiday marketing tips that you can implement quickly and easily, without adding extra stress.

12 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips


1.  Send a personalized holiday card to your customers.  If your first reaction was to recoil in terror because that would mean updating your mailing lists, then just send out cards to the ones you know!  Some is better than none.  

2.  Add a little holiday cheer to your website by updating some of the images on your home page.  A few twinkling lights, snowflakes, or a reindeer or two goes a long way!

3.  Sponsor a giveaway or a contest.  Post a picture of a jar of candy canes on your social media accounts or your blog.  Award the winner with a really cool holiday gift.  Need some additional inspiration?  Click here.

4.  Send out a couple of short and sweet emails to your customer base.  Include sales, holiday promotions, what’s going to be new for 2019, and just a simple “hello” to let them know they are on your radar.  This will help you stay on theirs!

5.  If you already have sales promotions going on, update the coupon codes with some holiday themes.  “HOLIDAYCHEER18” is a lot better than “BIGSAVINGS”, for example.

6.  Invest in a Facebook ad.  There’s no easier or cheaper way to get your message out there, particularly if you are running a little behind on your holiday marketing.  This is a quick way to make up for lost time!

7.  Set up a holiday-themed flash sale wherever you get the most traffic – online or in the store.  

8.  Go the charitable route and involve your customers in a project that gives back to your community.  Host a food drive, collect mittens for the homeless shelter, adopt a family for Christmas.  No matter what you choose to do, you’ll feel good and your customers will feel good.  It’s a great way to bring everyone closer together at the holidays.

9.  Promote gift cards like crazy.  Don’t forget that many shoppers are in the same boat as you and find themselves running behind during the holiday season.  Make it easy for them to shop by providing easy access to in-store, on-line, and digital gift cards.  

10.  Give away free stuff.  There’s no room for Scrooge here.  Think big.  Give big.  Get big.  

11.  Connect with an influencer.  Find someone that has a strong following who might be willing (paid or unpaid) to promote your brand this holiday season.  Sometimes it just takes one post or mention and sales will take off.

12.  Don’t forget the smaller holidays between now and New Year’s.  There are some easy and fun things to include in your holiday marketing, like Winter Solstice, Boxing Day, Card Playing Day, and more!  At the very least, seize the moment to start planning for the next holiday rush.

Happy Holidays


Now that you have your holiday marketing all done, it’s time to enjoy the holidays!  Make sure you leave time for yourself, friends, and family.  As always, if you still need some extra marketing help, feel free to reach out.  

Wishing you a very happy and successful holiday season!

~Jenny Green, Co-Owner @ Fisher Green Creative, jenny@fishergreencreative.com


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