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Fisher Green Creative Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Do you find yourself spending valuable time, money, and energy on marketing without getting results? 

Do you dread tackling that website project on your own? 

Do you want to feel more organized and efficient when posting on social media? 

We can help you!

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“Hands down the best money I ever spent on myself & my business. Jenny’s & Kathy’s interpretation of my vague guidelines was nothing short of clairvoyant.”

Claire Winston-Wade, Savoir Claire

Savoir Claire's Claire Winston-Wade

Comprehensive, Affordable Services

We recognize and understand the unique marketing needs of small business owners.

Not only are you an integral part of our economy and our communities, but small business owners also are some of the most passionate, creative, resourceful, and dedicated people we’ve ever known.

You typically work an average of 60+ hours a week, earn less than what you deserve, create more than 1.9 million jobs annually, often work from home to keep overhead down. All while being responsible for 50% of the GDP.

You have plenty of other things to do besides marketing. 

Our Clients’ Common Challenges

  • We don’t have a huge budget but want to invest in our company.
  • We need a major overhaul of our online presence.
  • We have a marketing budget, but need a better strategy.
  • We need help getting organized.
  • We don’t have time to do it all.
  • We are always posting on social media just to be posting.
  • We don’t know where to begin.
  • We just need help with a few things for now.
  • We need internal training to get us going or keep us going.
  • Our website doesn’t show up in search results.

Our Clients

• Small businesses
• Microbusinesses
• Start-ups
• Entrepreneurs and Manufacturers
• Restaurants and Bakeries
• Medical and Dental Practices
• Law Firms and Title Companies
• Salons and Spas
• Landscape and Garden Centers
• Bars and Breweries
• Accountants
• Cannabis and CBD Sellers
• Retail Stores
• Architect and Engineering Firms
• Interior Designers
& More 

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Our Portfolio

We always implement a mix of search engine optimization strategies, dynamic visuals, and a cohesive brand blueprint. From website designs to content marketing to email funnels, we take care of all the details.

Front pages of five of Fisher Green Creative's best website creations

About Us

Jenny Green and Kathy Fisher of Fisher Green Creative
Jenny Green & Kathy Fisher Co-Owners @ Fisher Green Creative

Founded by Jenny Green and Kathy Fisher, Fisher Green Creative, LLC, is a full-service design and digital marketing company in Maine dedicated to growing your business through online channels.

Portland, Maine, is where we call home, but we work with clients across the country. Between us, we have over 40 years of experience to bring to your project.

While you’ll always be working directly with one of us, we also have a highly qualified and vetted team of experts we pull in when needed for specific projects. Our partners include certified SEO and Google Ads specialists, copywriters, content marketers, and developers. That’s why our team is the center for digital marketing Portland, Maine relies on.

We recognize each business is unique, so we customize solutions to specifically meet your needs. 

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