We are a full service marketing and design team dedicated to growing brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic for your business. 

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Our Mission

Fisher Green Creative is an innovative entity on a mission to provide effective and affordable marketing services to all businesses. We value relationships, quality design, and hard work. We are fully committed to creating an experience where passion inspires growth.

Meet the Team
Jenny Green and Kathy Fisher of Fisher Green Creative

Jenny Green

Chief Marketing Officer

Kathy Fisher

Chief Creative Officer

After an introductory meeting in a coffee shop with the intention of working for each other, we saw an opportunity to better build and optimize our clients’ on-line presence by working with each other. 

Without much delay, Fisher Green Creative was officially launched to unite our experienced and complementary creative full service marketing services under one roof.
Together, we have over 35 years of marketing, design, and small business management experience.  We’ve worked with over 150 companies and connected with clients on 4 out of 7 continents.  
We’re looking forward to working for you!

What You Should Expect from Us


…always listen first. 
… are real people and we’re here for you.
…respond with ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and industry-best practices.
…strive to develop a strong relationship with you and your business.
…keep stress to a minimum, dealing with any difficult steps for you.
…deliver success.
…are committed to exceeding your expectations.
…continue to repeat this process as often as necessary.
are here for you as you grow!

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Kind Words from Our Clients

“Hands down the best money I ever spent on myself & my business. Jenny’s & Kathy’s interpretation of my vague guidelines was nothing short of clairvoyant.”

Claire Winston-Wade, Savoir Claire

Savoir Claire's Claire Winston-Wade